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What to Ask a DUI Lawyer in Orange County

If you are arrested and charged with driving under the influence in Orange County California, one of the most important decisions you will make about your DUI-DWI case will be who you should seek legal help from.

There are dozens of Orange County DUI attorneys to choose from, but as difficult as it may sound, a good DUI lawyer isn’t necessarily cheap and a cheap DUI lawyer isn’t necessarily good. Often DUI defendants only get as much justice as they can pay for. While at the same time, less experienced, competing attorneys may underbid your case, not realizing the actual costs involved in the defense task ahead of them and might therefore diminish the efforts to provide the best possible outcome for your DUI case.

When it comes hiring a competent DUI attorney in Orange County, there are some guidelines you can follow that could improve your chances of developing a successful client-attorney relationship.

First and foremost, you must initially feel comfortable with the lawyer you are interviewing. The two of you will be working closely together for several months and it will be important that you personally feel good about him or her. First impressions are important.

Next, the following are several things you should explore with a potential DUI lawyer.

Years of Experience - A seasoned attorney should have at least 10 years experience. You do not want an inexperienced attorney learning the ropes of the DUI process at your expense. Also, be aware that several DUI Law Firms advertise one lawyer but hand your case off to a much young, inexperienced attorney. Make sure you know who is actually going to represent you.

Professional Organization Membership - A lawyer's dedication to their DUI practice is often reflected in their activities with specific organizations, such as the National College of DUI Defense, the California DUI Lawyers Association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. These organizations provide members with seminars and training in the latest DUI and criminal defense tactics.

Track Record - A potential DUI Attorney should be able to provide you with a record of DUI cases personally and successfully handled. Statistics can be misleading as some law firms advertise a success rate but it is taken from years of them actually prosecuting cases as a DA, not defending cases. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to have former district attorneys now advertising there services as a defense attorney to be actual attorneys that lost their job at the DA’s office. While former prosecutors can make excellent defense lawyers, make sure you are comfortable with that lawyer.

Specialized Training - Advanced training in Field Sobriety Testing, and breath and alcohol testing is a big plus when it comes to defending a DUI case. Does this potential lawyer have that training and is the attorney well-familiar with the breath analysis testing equipment used in his jurisdiction? Has the attorney been qualified in administering Standardized Field Sobriety Tests? This is often a good indicator that they take their job seriously and are committed to defending you.

Communication & Availability - This is one of the most important factors to consider. How responsive is the potential attorney to your emails and phone calls? Are they available to answer your questions on weekends and evenings? Are they willing to give you their cell phone number? It’s important that your attorney be readily available to you in the event you receive any pressing documents related to your case or if you have any concerning questions that you need answered.

The DMV Hearing - Keeping in mind the 10 day rule, you may need to find a DUI attorney quickly. Can that potential attorney effectively handle your case and the DMV hearing?

Attorney or Assistant Attorney – You will want to know if the attorney will be attending all hearings on your behalf or if there will be an assigned assistant actually appearing. Preferably, you want the attorney you are interviewing to be personally handling your DUI defense. While it is not uncommon for another attorney to make some appearances in court on your case, you want to make sure who is handling your file. Does the attorney the firm is advertising know anything about your case? Did you ever talk to him or her?

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